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A fascinating guided tour

As well as being instructive, our guided tour is an enjoyable social occasion.
The tour begins with some facts about the history of cider. In France, cider is thought of as typically Norman and Breton, but it started off in the Basque Country. Cider became very popular in western France, but from the late nineteenth century onwards, people began to drink less and less of it. Nowadays, the average French person drinks only two litres of cider a year.
Then we head outdoors, for a short walk around the farm. In this verdant Norman setting, you will find out about cider apple-trees, the clos masure layout traditionally used for farms in the Pays the Caux, and the splendid dovecote.
Next we make a detour via our flock of Norman geese, which prove popular with visitors of all ages. These elegant birds are a rare local breed, whose numbers we are doing our best to help build up again.
Your tour continues inside the building that houses our cider-making equipment, where we will explain the various stages in the artisanal cider-making process.
Once you've spent nearly an hour hearing about cider, your mouth will be watering. So we will cordially invite to try our products* in our highly atmospheric shop.

Times of guided tours:

1 april to 30 June and
1 September to 31 october:

2.30 p.m.
Closed on wednesday
July and August: Daily: 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.
1 November to 31 march:  by appointment
Closed annually during winter school holidays for Zone B.
It is possible to visit with a digital tablet in French, English, Dutch and German during the opening hours of the shop

Adults: €5
Children aged 10−18 years: €4
Groups of 10 or more people: €4
FAMILY PASS ( 2 adults + 2 child) 15 € <br />

Duration: 1 hour

Additional information:
If you visit us in winter, wear suitably warm clothing.
At the start of the guided tour, we provide our English-speaking visitors with a handout containing the text of the tour in English.

Des visites adaptées aux groupes

Les visites de groupe peuvent se faire toute l'année sur rendez-vous. Il s'agit de la même visite que les particuliers mais elle peut être raccourcie au cas où vos impératif d'horaire l'impose. Elle se termine toujours par la dégustation de nos produits*. Les visites de groupe peuvent être adaptées à nos différents publics mais elle se font toujours en français ( prévoir un interprète pour les groupes non fancophones)

Les visites pour les scolaires

Nous pouvons organiser des visites pour les scolaires en sachant que la période idéale est le mois de novembre. La cidrerie étant en pleine production, les enfants pourront ramasser les pommes et assister au pressage des fruits avant de goûter le jus obtenu. En fonction de l'âge des enfants, un jeu de piste sous forme de QCM sera fait en fin de visite.

TARIFS GROUPE ( à partir de 10 personnes) : 4 € par personne

* Alcohol abuse is harmful to health. Consume in moderation.
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